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Marketing Information

Privacy Policy

Limited information is captured for the purpose of running the business of serving live streams, ensuring the quality of service provided, and where permitted to market products of interest to the user

We capture this information: Name, email, prefered ice hockey team(s), and secure payment references.

Via our payment processor (Stripe) we capture additional payment details which are held in a secure PCI environment by Stripe.

All users have the right to be forgotten and new users can cancel + delete their accounts, users with a purchase history need to get in touch and we will remove all records on our system. Payment records will be maintained for the statutorily required period of time.

Users have the right to access the data we hold on them. Please get in touch making clear which streaming site you have come from and what information you are interested in.

Via Google Analytics we capture basic location (anonymised) and demographic information - you can opt out using Google's Chrome plugin, by using a privacy focussed browser or by clearing your browser cache regularly and using other security tools.

If you have a specific enquiry on this topic please get in touch